This is due to the decomposition process that various bacteria promote.

This is due to the decomposition process that various bacteria promote. Mold can also form. To avoid unpleasant smells, the most effective measure is to empty the garbage can regularly – if necessary, even if it is only half full.

In order to delay the musty smell for as long as possible, it helps to reduce the moisture as much as possible. For example, an old eggshell box on the bottom of the garbage bag absorbs it reliably. Even a packet of baking powder or baking soda in the garbage bag absorbs moisture – and also binds odors. Two or three tablespoons of cat litter have the same effect. Food leftovers should not be thrown into the garbage can, but should be wrapped in newspaper.

Stinky refrigerator: Lemon juice creates a fresh scent

Unpleasant odors are also often formed in the refrigerator. And they don’t just come from Limburger cheese and garlic butter. Often it is small, inconspicuous dirt on the shelves, for example from a smeared bowl or fruit, that over time becomes noticeable in the nose. Regular cleaning is therefore the best way to prevent it.

Since the colorful mix of foods doesn’t always smell good either, it can be covered up or neutralized with a few tips. Baking powder and baking soda have proven themselves many times over here. Simply put in a small bowl and put in the refrigerator. Renew once a week. The powder binds unpleasant odors and also absorbs moisture. A bowl of coffee powder has a similar effect and also smells good. A little grated lemon peel or a little lemon juice in a bowl also ensures a fresh scent in the refrigerator.

Cheese feet: this is how shoes smell good again

Sweaty feet are also an unpleasant smell. Especially when the pungent smell settles in the shoes. This occurs when bacteria multiply on sweaty feet that break down sweat. Among other things, butyric acid is formed, which is essential for the biting "cheese"Smell is responsible. To prevent this, it is not only good to choose absorbent cotton socks and to avoid synthetic fabrics.

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When choosing shoes, it is also best to use natural materials such as cotton, linen and leather or special breathable shoes. This means that some air can always circulate, your feet stay as dry and cool as possible. In addition, the shoes should always have enough time to air after wearing them. Here it is advisable to switch between several pairs. Many also swear by the tip of putting some cat litter in an old sock and placing it in the shoe overnight to absorb moisture and bad smells. Those who also use insoles can regularly exchange them for new ones.

Until now, Ramadan in Dubai meant that tourists were not allowed to buy alcohol before sunset. But tourists love their drinks and the rulers love the income from alcohol taxes. So this year something has changed.

In Dubai, the party city in the Middle Eastern desert, alcohol has long been flowing freely. And now even more. The city-state has decided to relax rules banning the sale of alcoholic beverages during the daytime during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. This is a novelty – and underlines how much Dubai’s rulers value the income that the flow of tourists and the alcohol tax bring to the emirate.

Soft music and hidden guests

In recent years those who craved a beer or a glass of wine in Ramadan had to wait until after sunset. Then the Muslims end their daily fast with the first sips of water and their evening meal. Bars in this city of skyscrapers also usually played soft music during the month of fasting and were careful to hide alcoholic guests behind closed doors and tinted glass.

But just before Ramadan, which began on June 6th, hotel managers across the country received a notice from Dubai’s Ministry of Tourism and Trade Marketing. It dates from May 31, is available to the AP news agency and says that the normal rules would also apply during Ramadan.

Respect Ramadan rules

When the AP asked why, the ministry replied that it was always careful to "Superlative experiences" to ensure for visitors. That is in line with "Dubai’s importance as a world class tourist destination".

At the same time, however, an appeal was made to visitors to respect the Ramadan rules. Almost a million tourists would come and join during the month of fasting "delight in all aspects of the city" it said in a ministry announcement. "We expect all operators and travelers to treat the Holy Month with respect and to pay attention to cultural sensitivities."

Why the rules were changed now remains a mystery. Dubai, also the seat of the long-haul airline Emirates, has long been anxious to establish itself as a tourist center. It has the tallest building in the world, artificial islands, a covered ski slope and top-class shopping malls with kilometers of sidewalks, pleasantly cooled by air conditioning.

Dubai is also hosting the 2020 World’s Fair, and amusement parks and other new attractions are scheduled to come up in time for that.

Part of the city-state’s appeal lies in the supply of alcohol, as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran prohibit the purchase of percentages. There is even a ban in neighboring Sharjah, another of the seven sheikdoms of the United Arab Emirates.

Rulers are happy about the income

But beyond tourism, Dubai’s rulers have another good reason to be more generous. Every beer that is tapped, every cocktail in a bar is subject to a 30 percent council tax. There is also a 50 percent import tax on alcohol. That said, it can be expensive to drink – although visitors and residents can shop more cheaply in duty-free shops at Dubai’s airports or from black marketeers.

Taxes have not affected consumption either. According to research by the research institute Euromonitor International in 2014, 67.2 million liters of beer and 20 million liters of spirits were sold in the United Arab Emirates. By 2019, it is predicted that there should be a total of 91.2 million liters of beer and 27 million liters of spirits.

"Strong population growth, borne by political unrest in neighboring Arab countries and economic hardship in Europe (…) will likely push the sales of alcoholic beverages beyond the forecast" so Euromonitor in a report from October 2015. Future investments in the course of Expo 2020 in the hospitality industry and real estate should also fuel tourism and thus further stimulate alcohol consumption, the research institute predicts.

Alcohol laws are very strict

Despite all this generosity, the laws in Dubai regarding alcohol are incredibly strict. In theory, anyone taking or consuming alcoholic beverages home must have a government-issued alcohol license. In order to receive them, the respective employer must give their consent.

Anyone caught behind the wheel with the slightest trace of alcohol in their blood must be ready for immediate arrest and prosecution. Drunkenness in public is also a criminal offense.

"Regardless of any other criminal offense, one can certainly be reported for this alone" says Radha Stirling of the UK-based prisoner relief organization Detained in Dubai. "Whatever you do while in the United Arab Emirates, if you add alcohol, you’re guaranteed to be convicted."

In order to improve child protection in guardianship cases, the federal government has decided to stricter legal requirements for youth welfare offices. The background to the legislative initiative launched by Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) were previous cases of child neglect and child abuse. This is what the new law should look like.

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Fight against child neglect

According to the draft law passed by the Federal Cabinet on August 25, 2010, a guardian must visit the children he or she looks after more often. As a rule, he should contact his protégés personally once a month. In addition, the guardians must be accountable to a family court.

The government is responding to several spectacular cases of child neglect. In October 2006 in Bremen, for example, two-year-old Kevin was found dead in the refrigerator of his foster father.

Relief of the youth welfare offices

The trial of Kevin’s guardian was suspended by the district court on Wednesday against a monetary condition. The judges justified the decision with the serious work overload of the youth welfare office employee. The federal government wants to counter this with its law. In the past, an official guardian often had to keep an eye on up to 120 children at the same time. Now a youth welfare office employee should only be allowed to look after a maximum of 50 children.

Poultry sausage often contains more beef or pork than meat from turkey or turkey. This is the result of a study by Stiftung Warentest. According to this, 53 of 207 products examined contained almost as much pork as poultry – although "poultry" "turkey" or "Turkey" the label said. In fact, only poultry was used in 105 products.

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Only 20 percent turkey meat

The "Purland poultry liver sausage" According to Stiftung Warentest, it consists of only 20 percent turkey meat. The rest is made up of 46 percent pork, 22 percent pork liver and also bacon. The "Wiltmann poultry liver sausage" contains only 26 percent turkey, but 31 percent pork liver and 20 percent other pork.

Cheating is legal

Formally, adding pork or beef to poultry sausage is correct. According to the guiding principles of the German Food Book, meat or sausage is always understood to mean meat from beef or pork without a special note. If manufacturers also use is ashley madison free meat from other animal species, this is usually stated on the label – but this does not mean that no pork or beef was processed. Only "pure poultry sausage" may only consist of poultry.

Anti-consumer labels

In this context, the Stiftung Warentest criticized unclear or difficult-to-read labels as being hostile to consumers. Often only chickens or turkeys are shown on the packaging, foreign ingredients are hidden in the small print or in the list of ingredients. Many consumers therefore wrongly assumed that poultry sausage would only contain poultry.

Body scan test device in Amsterdam: on the left the scanner cabin, on the right a result image (photos: dpa, montage:

First "No" for general use, now a "Yes" to tests in Germany.