It is important to provide first-year students with the opportunity to learn more about the profession in practice

It may take time to develop a unique system for your class. It will take time, but it will help lead students to the desired result:

“I believe that in the future, grades will be more personalized.”

The second important area of ​​work in a distance learning environment is hybrid training. In this format, you have both face-to-face and part-time tools for working with children. But there is also HyFlex (hybrid flexible) – this is a format that appeared in higher education: it combines full-time and online education, while all classes are held both in class and remotely, but “online students” can watch lectures and lessons in records. The main thing about HyFlex is that the choice is up to the student. He himself decides in what format to participate to listen to a lecture or complete an assignment. Therefore, it is necessary for both teachers and schoolchildren to choose what is closer, more convenient and more accessible to them. 

So, how to make education effective now and in the long term: 1. Provide both the child and the teacher with access to a unified system that is being introduced by the state or school. 2. Recognize that each student is now at a unique stage in their learning and will need individualized support. 3. Promptly develop a new alexander the great hero or villain essay knowledge assessment system and explain it to children so that they can control themselves and motivate themselves in their studies. 4. Support teachers and students in maintaining emotional health.


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At the age of 94, the famous Soviet teacher-innovator Viktor Shatalov died.

The death of the teacher on his page in the social network was reported by a Donetsk science fiction writer, a member of the Union of Writers of Russia and a deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR Vladislav Rusanov.

“This person has developed a unique system that allows you to learn the school course in a few days or even hours … Viktor Fedorovich was feared, he expanded the scope of children’s minds and retrograde teachers could not withstand competition,” Amelin wrote.

Shatalov was born in Stalino (now Donetsk) in 1927. The name of the teacher became widely known in the 70s and 80s thanks to television. He has published over 60 books. He formulated his three principles as success and optimism, non-conflict and the principle of integrity. He was the author of an effective learning system based on collaborative pedagogy. Honored Teacher of the Ukrainian SSR, People’s Teacher of the USSR.

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Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov told in his article in the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” more about what the Russian school of the future should be like.

The first topic that Kravtsov raised was the change in the teaching format. He noted that the laws of physics, knowledge about parts of the world and continents, about the structure of society, about their rights and obligations, about the economy, about life safety – all this will help a child build life in the modern technogenic world. That is, the education system should not have “paragraphs”, “pages” and “points” – there should be skills for life, for a future profession. 

Each lesson is conducted for specific children and should be interesting and useful to them. A child should not just memorize a formula, a rule, a theorem, but understand what they are intended for, how interrelated, how knowledge can be applied. How a specific physical formula can help in the calculation for a satellite launch, for example.

We are already revising programs and methods in natural science and technical subjects, re-equipping school laboratories, and strengthening teacher training in natural cycle subjects.

Another important topic is individual development. Every child, wherever he lived, could receive a quality education and develop talents. Parenting programs should be interesting for children. These are not just class hours or scheduled lessons. Brings up everything – films, books, conversations, meetings with interesting people. Exhibition halls, theaters and cinemas, sports, youth, volunteer and volunteer, cadet organizations should become our assistants in raising children. 

For this, it is necessary to provide great methodological support to teachers, organize their retraining, conduct courses and provide resources with which to improve the educational process.


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The Minister also noted the importance of an innovative approach in educational institutions. We need to apply innovative approaches and, at the same time, preserve and use the richest experience of the Russian education system. 

We will do everything to create conditions for teachers to work comfortably. We will invest new meanings in professional development and professional skill competitions.

It is also important to organically integrate all educational institutions into each other. The opportunities of partners – colleges, technical schools, organizations that can be useful for children keen on technical creativity should be connected to basic education at school, the minister said. 

The school should be open to students, and universities should be open to students. We plan to organize the work so that our pedagogical universities participate in educational programs and programs of additional education. Help from universities is also important for improving the qualifications of school teachers. Here a system of mentoring and long-term professional support can develop.

It is important to provide first-year students with the opportunity to learn more about the profession in practice. To understand what modern children need now, what kind of psychology they have, what educational formats are more suitable for different topics. To help students, the department will conduct pre-professional exams, Olympiads, competitions, participation in which develops a pedagogical flair, objectively shows the student his strengths and weaknesses.

The minister also said that a system will be developed to help graduates with employment. 

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Members of the Parents of Moscow movement, together with State Duma deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, have submitted several hundred applications to the mayor’s office, in which they call for the abolition of distance learning and the return of children to schools. 

The activists came to the mayor’s office on the morning of December 9 and carried numerous statements to the mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The action was called “Hike to the City Hall”: police officers watched it all the time. 

One of the participants in the event was State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin: he said that filing applications is an absolutely legal event. He also noted that all those who are against the introduction of distance learning on a permanent basis. 

In emergency situations, activists allow the introduction of a “distant”, but demand that such a decision be temporary and agreed with the parents.

According to Rashkin, constant use of the computer negatively affects the health of schoolchildren, and isolation leads to psychological problems.

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New marks have appeared on a special map of aggression, which has been conducted by the Pedagogical Council for several years. Despite the distance learning, conflicts and quarrels in schools do not stop. Now they often also occur remotely, the consequences, however, are not limited to the Internet. So in October, a participant in a parental chat in Volgograd was smashed through his head, and in Nalchik, a history teacher was shooting at a student and his friends.

According to, in Kabardino-Balkaria, a history teacher had a falling out with a high school student and went to the car for a traumatic weapon. The conflict occurred due to insults and assault due to the fact that the young man did not know where the class magazine was. The boy threatened to tell everything to his uncle, to which he received a portion of ridicule:

“Today he came and said, hey, goose, where is your uncle? Let me find him myself. I endured for a long time, and then he called me a goose in front of the whole class and I called my uncle “, – quotes the student

Uncle came to school to talk to the teacher, but a fight broke out between the men. The teacher took a pistol and a knife and, threatening to shoot everyone, ran into the director’s office, where the schoolboy’s mother, himself and his uncle were. The boy and his relative tried to disarm the teacher, but the teacher shot and wounded his uncle. The teacher himself received fractures and a concussion as a result of the fight. Now the police are in charge.