Bogomolets, National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv University.

The lesson will take place on February 7 at 12.30.

Where the best applicants study at their own expense. The Vstup.OSVITA.UA platform has compiled a rating of universities based on the average score of the external examination of their entrants. The rating allows to receive data on establishments in which entrants with the highest average point of ZNO have decided to pay training independently.

The Ministry of Education and Science has repealed the provision on parent committees. The document defined the basic principles of activity, rights and responsibilities of parent committees. Some media outlets, as a result of a misinterpretation of the MES order, reported the alleged liquidation of parent committees.

How will the school exams be held in 2018? The Ministry of Education has given recommendations on the peculiarities of conducting the state final certification. The document defines the features of school exams in primary, basic and high school.

Schools will determine the dates of the last calls and graduations. This year, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ukrainian schools will be able to independently determine the dates of the STA for students of 4th and 9th grades, as well as the dates of the “Last Bell” holiday and graduation parties.

The Ministry of Education and Science told how first-graders learn online. The distance course is one of the obligatory stages of professional development of teachers who will train first-graders from September 2018. You can take the course and complete tasks from any device and at any time.

This week, teachers have been actively discussing raising the salaries of Ukrainian teachers since January 2018. The comments of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers are devoted to the topic of application of new government regulations in practice:

About increase of official salaries to pedagogical workers since January 1. The trade union of educators and scientists provided clarifications on the use in the work of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 22 “On increasing the salaries of teachers”, which came into force on 1 January.

About increase of allowances for prestige of pedagogical work. Comment of the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers on the use in the work of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 23 “On amendments to some resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”, which came into force on January 1, 2018 …

What salary is the base for determining teacher allowances. The Trade Union of Education and Science provided a comment on wage rates, which are the basis for determining allowances and surcharges for teachers, taking into account the rules of new regulations.


Ask any questions to Intellect Guide – the leading training specialists in Latvia

Consultations on training in Latvia

The Intellect Guide company – the official representative of fifteen universities of Latvia – provides to all interested persons free professional consultations, on training in Latvia.

The experience and authority of the company’s experts allows us to provide detailed explanations and recommendations on any issues related to training in Latvia.

“Intellect Guide” is the first and only educational company in Ukraine, which works closely with the Association of the Best Universities of Latvia “Study in Latvia” and with the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Ukraine.

The company offers:

Free introductory consultations on education in Latvia. Selection of an educational institution taking into account the wishes and data of the applicant. Development of individual algorithms of actions for receipt. Organization of the process of preparation and submission of the introductory package of documents. Advice on living abroad, selection of dormitories and guardians, etc. Visa consultations.

Intellect Guide was founded in March 2014. During the years of its work, the company has passed the international ICEF certification four times in Germany, Canada and the USA. The company’s specialists are specialists in the field of international educational consulting. One of the priority areas of Intellect Guide is consulting on education at all levels in Europe, in particular in Latvia.

Facts about the company “Intellect Guide”:

Four international ICEF certifications (twice – Germany, Canada, USA). More than 150 partner educational institutions and organizations abroad. Repeated participation in international educational conferences, including London (UK), Miami (USA), Toronto (Canada), Berlin (Germany). More than 30 agencies representing the company in Ukraine. More than 50 free educational seminars for future entrants in 15 cities of Ukraine, including – with the participation of representatives of foreign educational institutions.

You can get detailed information about the company’s services on the Intellect Guide website or by phone: (044) 229-90-20; (098) 038-08-08; (066) 001-32-49.

Intellect Guide. Quality education abroad is available!

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It is easier for graduates of German universities to find high-paying jobs, in particular, in Germany

Why do Ukrainian students choose Germany?

It is believed that graduates of German universities find it easiest to find a job. At the same time, the price for training in Germany is much lower than in other countries.

Education in Germany is:

high level of training, research and development; programs in German and English; the minimum cost of education in public universities; internships and internships in the world’s leading companies; employment opportunities in Germany after graduation.

The most popular specialties in Germany – IT, engineering, construction. Accordingly, it is worth paying attention to the universities of the so-called “big nine” T9, which are the top in the world rankings. These include the Technical Universities of Berlin, Dresden and Munich. Medical professions are also popular, for which TU and the Free University of Berlin, Dresden and Munich TU, and the University of Heidelberg are chosen.

In public schools, education is mainly in German, although some offer English-language programs. But if you want to study in English, it is better to pay attention to private universities, which have a much larger selection of English-language majors (Munich Business School, Bad Honnef International University of Applied Sciences, Jacobs University of Bremen).

The average cost of education in public universities is 300 euros / semester, in private universities – 5,000 euros / semester.

We remind! To enter a German university immediately after the 11th grade, you must graduate from a college of pre-university training at a university or university – Studienkolleg.

For all questions about admission to German universities, contact Albion Education for a free consultation by phone: +38 044 466 44 74.


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Exhibitions “Education and Career” and “Education Abroad” run in the capital until November 17

Annual educational exhibitions are held in Kiev

Until November 17 inclusive, the annual exhibitions “Education and Career” and “Education Abroad” are open in the capital, which feature foreign universities and leading Ukrainian universities.

Exhibitions are traditionally the most popular event in Ukraine, dedicated to a wide range of educational issues in Ukraine and abroad, during which visitors have the opportunity to communicate with representatives of Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions.

In particular, the exhibition “Education and Career – 2018” is attended by leading universities in the country – Kiev National University. Shevchenko, National Medical University. Bogomolets, National University of Food Technologies, Kyiv University. Grinchenko and others.

During the exhibition, future entrants and their parents can get detailed information about admission, preparatory programs of universities, the level of requirements for EIT certificates in academic subjects, other competitive requirements. University representatives also acquaint visitors with their academic exchange programs, study conditions, career prospects and other features of education.

The exposition of the exhibition “Education Abroad” is designed for people who want to study abroad. In particular, during the exhibition Ukrainian youth can get acquainted with the proposals for studying foreign languages ​​abroad, get up-to-date information about preparatory university courses and learn about bachelor’s and master’s programs in universities and colleges abroad.

Visitors can also chat with representatives of embassies, cultural centers and leading Ukrainian specialized agencies.

The exhibition is attended by educational institutions and academic agencies from Germany, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, the United States, France and Switzerland.

Traditionally, large pavilions represent educational institutions in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, which have become famous in Ukraine due to the attractive ratio of cost, quality of education and European prospects.

Exhibitions are open until November 17 inclusive in the Ukrainian House (Kiev, Khreshchatyk Street, 2) from 11.00 to 18.00. Admission is free.


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The team “Training in Hungary” offers the opportunity to meet in person in Kiev from 19 to 21 April

The team “Training in Hungary” will visit Kiev

More than 500 curricula available in English and other foreign languages ​​are offered by universities in Hungary. In addition to the popular Stipendium Hungaricum and Erasmus + scholarship programs, students from Ukraine are also offered a wide range of other study programs, making Hungary an ideal place for your academic years.

Hungarian universities located throughout the country offer quality education in various fields of study. If you are looking for an education abroad, visit, get acquainted with the courses and find the program on Study Finder that is best for you.